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Applied Aspects of Information Technology


The scientific journal “Applied Aspects of Information Technologies” (AAIT) is an international academic peer-reviewed publication

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The mission of Journal is to serve the world academic community by disseminating new ideas and research results in the field of advanced information technologies (IT) and their application in various domains of science and creative human activity

The journal's motto is: developing ourselves, we are aimed at developing the scientific and academic potential of our authors

The main objective of the editorial policy is to create a permanent platform for promoting advanced scientific IT concepts and practices in the global academic and business community.

Editorial board has set itself the following tasks:

- constantly increase the level of reviewing and editing articles submitted for publication;

- provide the published materials with the widest possible distribution in the world scientific community;

- expand the possibilities of distribution and indexing of scientific works in the main world citation databases.


The journal publishes the results of original scientific research, completed with a clearly formulated result, by following sections:

- Information technology and systems

- Methods and means of intelligent information processing

- Infocommunications

- Digital management of technical and social systems


Representation in referential systems: the publication is displayed in the abstract database GoogleScholar,, ROAD, Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine.

The Journal Readership is comprised of
: scientists, teachers, employees of higher education institutions, graduates and students, IT practitioners.


ISSN 2617-4316 (Print) 
ISSN 2663-7723 (Online)

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Founder and publisher: Odessa National Polytechnic University (ONPU), Ukraine

Publishing House “Science and technology”, av. Shevchenko, 1,Odessa, 65044, Ukraine

Certificateof State Reprint Media KV No.КВ 23628-13468Р dated 21/11/2018




Periodicity: 4 times a year

20, April;  05, July;  15, October;  30, December


Publication language: English, Ukrainian

Subjects and rubrics


The journal publishes the results of original scientific research (the manuscript is checked for plagiarism or self-plagiarism)

The journal “Applied Aspects of Information Technology” uses a policy of double-blind review 

All articles published in the journal "Applied Aspects of Information Technology" are supplied with DOI digital identifiers


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