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Applied Aspects of Information Technology

The scientific journal “Applied Aspects of Information Technologies” is an international peer-reviewed journal, a permanent platform for promoting advanced scientific concepts and practices. The mission of the journal is to serve the global academic community by disseminating new ideas and research results in the field of advanced information technologies (IT) and their application in various fields of science and human creative activity. The journal’s pages reflect scientific publications on the theory and practice of creating intelligent information technologies and info-communications, on digital management of technical and social systems, discussing the theoretical and methodological aspects of using information technologies in education, culture and art. An important place in the subject of the journal are problems related to intellectual processing of information, machine learning technologies, neural networks, met heuristic technologies, soft computing. The journal publishes materials of prominent IT practitioners, scientists of scientific and higher education institutions of IT profile, heads of departments of universities, deans of IT faculties, doctors, professors, teachers, graduate students, IT practitioners, students on the most topical issues of Ukrainian theory and practice and international experience in the IT field. The journal is intended for specialists in the field of information and computer technologies and to anyone who is interested in theory and practice in this field.  

Publisher Odessa National Polytechnic University (ONPU)


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